POPTFN 2018-2019

Fitness/Good Nutrition Awareness Among Elementary School Pupils . . . . . The AACE PC Way

Under the stewardship of Dr. Robert Michael Gan, AACE PC President and Dr. Rosario Bongco, POPTFN chairperson, the POPTFN Committee strongly embarked on a seven (7) school lecture series in Palawan, Batangas, Davao City and Samal Island.

November was POPTFN month. Activities started in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan on 09 November, covering two schools - Mateo Jagmis Elementary School and Valentin Macasaet Elementary School. Dr. Rosario Bongco, Dr. Belinda Palao and Dr. Maybelle Yanuaria, together with the AACE Secretariat – Mr. Rex Castro, Ms. Jing Tinaza, Mr. Joel Pateña, and Ms. Rhose conducted the activity.

The following week, on 14 November, the team motored to Ibaan, Batangas. At the Ibaan Central School, 380 pupils participated in the activities. Dr. Florence Santos and Dr. Maybelle Yanuaria delivered the lectures.

The last destination at the end of November were Davao City and Samal Island on November 28-29.

Four schools were chosen in the Mindanao sojourn - two in Davao: Felipe Calderon Memorial Elementary School and Daniel M Perez Central Elementary School, and two in Samal Island: Tambo Elementary School and Angel Villarica Memorial Elementary School. Dr. Melanie Grace Valdez and Dr. Maybelle Yanuaria were joined by Davao based AACE PC members - Dr. Francis Ho, Dr. John Jay Bosquit. And Ms Phany Ho (wife of Dr. Ho) together with her staff provided support in the site preparation and actual conduct of the activities.

The Power of Prevention Through Fitness and Nutrition (POPTFN), one of the advocacies of AACE PC  aims to reach out to elementary pupils to empower them on fitness and nutrition in order to prevent lifestyle diseases. During the activities, the children are not the only ones involved. The teachers (class advisers) also actively participate, especially in the site preparation, games, cheering competitions and low calorie dessert cooking contests. Parents are also present to support their children.

POPTFN 2018 covered seven (7) schools and interacted with a total of 1187 elementary school pupils, their teachers and parents. At the end of each activity, seeing their smiles and hearing their resounding “Thank You” bring out a sense of fulfillment . . . . Mission Accomplished!


Summary of 2018 POPTFN Activities/ Participants


Nov. 9: Puerto Princesa City, Palawan


Mateo Jagmis Elementary School


Valentin Macasaet Elementary School 




Nov 14: Ibaan, Batangas


Ibaan Central School          




Nov 28: Davao City


Felipe Calderon Memorial Elementary School           


Daniel M. Perez Central Elementary School




Nov 29: Samal island


Tambo Elementary School 


Angel Villarica Memorial Elementary School